Reading Test

      Vicky is an English student aged fifteen. She has got a big dog. Its name is Hunter. It is only two years old but it is very big. Beth is Vicky's best school friend. She has got a stout white cat. She calls it Pussy. Hunter and Pussy are not good friends. Hunter is ugly and nasty; but Pussy is a very boastful little animal. Vicky and Beth like their pets very much.

    1. Are these sentences True or False? JUSTIFY.
      1. Hunter is Vickey's dog.     
      2. Beth has got a dog.     
      3. Vicky and Beth are friends.     

    2. Answer these questions
      1. How old is Vicky?    
      2. What nationality is she?    
      3. What is the cat's name?    
      4. What is Beth?    

    3. What do these words refer to in the text
      1. "she" in line 1    
      2. "it" in line 2    

    4. What are the opposites of these words in the text?
      1. small   
      2. Slim   
      3. nice   
      4. modest   

    1. What is the question?
      1. I am eighty years old.   
      2. I am a doctor.   
      3. I live in Manchester.   
    2. Fill in the blanks with the appropriate answers from the list

      Hans and Ali are friends. Ali has got yellow motor, but Hans has got old bicycle.

    3. Fill in the blanks with the appropriate words

      ALI:   Hans, this Vicky.
      HANS:   Hi, Vicky! How you today?
      VICKY:   I fine, thanks.

    4. Complete these sentences with the correct words
      1. My niece is my mother's
      2. My father's sister is my

    5. Put the words between brackets in their correct forms
      1. How many [child] has Vicky's sister got?
      2. There are only two [woman] and a man in the room.

    6. Unscramble these words to make good sentences.
      1. spell ~ ? ~ your ~ you ~ do ~ How ~ name
      2. times ~ equals ~ twenty ~ four ~ five ~ . ~

    7. Write these numbers in letters.
      1. 8   
      2. 40   


    Write a paragraph about you and your intimate friend.