Dear Leila,

       Next Friday is my brother's sixteenth birthday. We are preparing a huge party in a very big hotel in Rabat. As we were inviting very few close friends and neighbours, we immediately thought of you.
      My brother and I would be very glad if you could come. I'm sure my parents will be very excited to see you among us. It is two years now that we didn't see each other. It will be the most suitable opportunity to meet again and talk about the past. I've got a lot to tell you. So come along!
      Don't forget to phone before you come. We'll meet you at the train station.

We are looking forward to seeing you soon.
Best wishes to your family.
Yours sincerely


  1. Find in the text words which mean the same as:
    1. intimate       
    2. Occasion       
  2. Are these sentences true or false? JUSTIFY:
    1. Next Friday is Leila's brother's birthday.   
    2. Samia didn't meet Leila for a long time.   
    3. Leila lives in Rabat.   
  3. Answer these questions:
    1. What should Leila remember?   
    2. Who is inviting Leila?   
    3. What do these words refer to?
      1. "we" in line 6   
      2. "We" in line 10   


  1. Put these words in the correct order to form meaningful sentences:
    1. poor ~ rich ~ quickly ~ he ~ Jack ~ became ~ was ~ but.
    2. see ~ a ~ to ~ tomorrow ~ good ~ going ~ are ~ movie.
    3. as ~ as ~ a village ~ a city ~ not ~ big ~ is
  2. Put the verbs between brackets in their correct tenses:
    1. Samia letters everyday.
    2. While Aicha her children's clothes yesterday, it to rain.
    3. Many people in the world can English.
  3. What is the question?
    1. I don't feel well because I have a stomach-ache.
    2. Yes, please. I'm looking for a pair of shoes.
    3. It is sunny and warm today.
  4. Choose the appropriate word:
    1. How children has she got?
    2. There a lot of nice furniture here.


Write Leila's answer to Samia's invitation.




The text this time is a poem