Language Test

  1. Fill in the blanks with the appropriate words from the list.


    1. I invited my cousins to the party. coming this afternoon.
    2. is enough food for everybody.
    3. I visited house last week.

  2. Choose the most appropriate words
    1. How (many - much - old)   is your dog?
    2. She often goes to school (by - on - with car.
    3. We have got (little - a little - few)   money. We can't buy that camera.
    4. The twins were born (at - on - in)   October 7th.

  3. . Put the verbs between brackets in the correct tense.
    1. Just two months ago, I (not/ know) as much English as I do now.
    2. The mechanic was fixing the car while we (have) a cup of coffee.
    3. When I (arrive) , the boys were making a lot of noise.
    4. She seldom (wash) her hair with shampoo.

  4. Put the words between brackets in their correct forms.
    1. The rabbit runs (fast) the dog.
    2. What is (ugly) animal in the world?
    3. Tinejdad is (hot) Ifran.
    4. A bicycle is (expensive) a car.

  5. Put in the negative.
    1. Hind is listening to soft music.
    2. Salma used to wake up early.
    3. He has got a lot of money.

  6. What is the question to which the underlined words are the answer?
    1. I almost always chat with my friends. ?
    2. Leila read a book last night. ?

  7. Who am I?
    1. I drive a bus. I am .
    2. I cook. I am

  8. Complete these sentences appropriately
    1. I go to school but my grandmother .
    2. Old people can't run but children .
    3. I was at the cinema yesterday but my parents .
    4. I often play chess but my brothers rarely .

  9. Much the numbers with the letters
    1. I detest horror films. a. opinion 1.
    2. I think they are funny. b. permission 2.
    3. Can you switch off the TV set please! c. dislike3.
    4. Can I see that movie again please? d. request4.