~Language Test~

  1. Choose the right answer.
    1. How (many much) meat do we need for the meal?   
    2. There is only (a few a little) furniture in the room.   
    3. He wants to go to the park with (that - those - this) boys.   
    4. I don't speak German. I don't speak French (either - too)   
    5. Yesterday, the baby didn't drink (many any a lot of) milk.  
    6. (There - Their - They're) car is very old.  

  2. Put in the negative.
    1. Houda drinks tea for breakfast.   
    2. I saw the movie last week.   
    3. She always washes her face.   
    4. We are paying attention.   

  3. Put the verbs between brackets in the correct tense.
    1. She never (carry) her baby on her back.   
    2. They don't enjoy (eat) couscous with spoons.   
    3. Tomorrow morning, my friend and I (do) gymnastics.  
    4. When you called last night, my father (sleep)   
    5. My aunt (buy) me a new digital camera next week.   
    6. The kids (sit) on the floor while they were watching TV.   

  4. Put the words between brackets in their correct forms.
    1. The elephant is (big) the donkey.   
    2. Is the cat (intelligent) the dog? nbsp; 
    3. There are some (knife) in the drawer.   
    4. All the (box) are in the garage.   

  5. Fill in the blanks with the right words from the list


    1. Loubna has got a jacket like this. May be this one is   
    2. She helps to a cup of coffee and joins us at the table.   
    3. Salma was sick so went to see a doctor.   
    4. Olivia is fat but sister is not.   

  6. Fill in the blanks with the right words from the list


    1. I always revise my lessons I go to school.
    2. The cat is hiding the door.   

  7. Choose the right answer.
    1. They usually go jogging (at - on in) Sundays.   
    2. I like to have a siesta (at - on in) noon.   
    3. My great grand mother was born (at - on in) 1910.   
    4. The dogs seldom sleep (at - on in) night   

  8. Match each sentence with its appropriate function

    1. I am sick of doing tests like this. a. Opinion 1.
    2. I am keen on playing video games b. Dislikes 2.
    3. I'd rather go home and have some tea. c. Permission3.
    4. As I see it, this test is not hard at all d. Preference4.
    5. 5. Can I use your mobile phone, please? e. Likes5.