Reading Test

         Mr and Mrs Tailor are English engineers. They work in a big company in Manchester. They have got a very expensive car but they prefer to go to work on foot. They have got two children, Brian 14 and Sue 10. Sue is a very good student. Her mother calls her Einstein because she is very intelligent. Brian likes to play computer games a lot. He rarely does his homework. He doesn't do well at school; but the Tailors love their children very much.

    1. Are these sentences True or False? JUSTIFY.
      1. The Tailors go to work by car.     
      2. The Tailors have got two sons.     
      3. Brian is a good student.     

    2. Answer these questions
      1. What nationality are the Tailors?    
      2. Where does Mr Tailor Work?    
      3. Why does Mrs Tailor call Sue Einstein?    

    3. Pick out the opposites of these words from the text:
         1. small
         2. cheap
         3. bad
         4. stupid

    4. What do these words refer to in the text?
      1. «they» in paragraph 1, line 3    
      2. «He» in paragraph 2, line 2    

    1. What is the question to which the underlined words are the answer?
      1. I have got two sisters.   
      2. Farida lives in Meknes.   
      3. I sometimes play games.   

    2. Put the verbs between brackets in their correct tense.
      1. Susan computer games everyday.
      2. Mr Tailor usually the car on Sundays.
      3. Tomorrow morning, my friends and I on picnic.

    3. Fill in the blanks with the right answer
      1. My uncle is Moroccan he lives in Manchester.
      2. Susan has got electric car.

    4. Put the words between brackets in their correct form.
      1. Husbands and are invited to the party.
      2. There are three white in the box.

    5. Unscramble these words to make correct sentences.
    6. 1. Leila ~ at ~ revising ~ lessons ~ moment ~ her ~ is ~ the |=> .
      2. What ~ you ~ up ~ do ~ time ~ morning ~ the ~ in ~ wake ~ ? |=> .


    These questions may help you
    1. Where is your house?
    2. How many rooms are there?
    3. What are they?
    4. What are they like?

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