Language Test

  1. Fill in the blanks with the appropriate answer from the list.

    starvingfed up withnewsimport

    1. Most third world countries modern machines.
    2. Leila is having tea and bread for breakfast everyday.

  2. Complete the following sentences.
    1. Everybody here busy.
    2. There is water in that bottle. It is empty.
    3. People waiting in the hall.
    4. there any milk in the fridge?
    5. Where she often make her hair?

  3. Put the words between brackets in their correct forms.
    1. All the are full.
    2. How many are there in the waiting room?
    3. Those are really noisy.
    4. We are ready for Leila's birthday party.

  4. Unscramble to form correct sentences.
    1. Leila - Ali - does - does - do - his - not - but - homework.
    2. have - how - pens - you - got - ? - many - red

  5. Unscramble the words in brackets to have meaningful sentences.
    1. Morocco is a .
    2. Fati's husband is rich, but she drives an car.

  6. Give the opposites of the words between brackets.
    1. There are two men in that car.
    2. Have a look at the of this page.
    3. Fati drives a car.
    4. Your umbrella is .

  7. Write these numbers in letters.
    1. 1260 .
    2. 8345

  8. What are the Questions? N.B.: the underlined words are the answer. They mustn't appear in the questions.
    1. Safae usually goes to school on foot.   
    2. Safae usually goes to school on foot.   
    3. Safae usually goes to school on foot.   
    4. Safae usually goes to school on foot.