Common Core

English Language Test

  1. Put the words between brackets in their correct forms.     2 points

    1. My grandmother's [foot]        are small.   

    2. There are some clean [dish]        in the kitchen.    

    3. My grandmother tells us a lot of interesting [story]        

    4. My grandfather has got four [wife]        

  2. Put the verbs between brackets in their correct tense.     6 points

    1. My grandparents' house (have) seven rooms and a large garden.    
    2. Leila (not / work) tomorrow morning.  
    3. She (not / wake) up early everyday.    
    4. Last night I (be) at home.  
    5. My parents (not / be) at home last night. 
    6. Ali and Latifa (go) to Japan two years ago.  

  3. Fill in the blanks with the appropriate preposition from the list.     1.5 point

    1. Thomas Edison was born 1847 in Milan, Ohio.   
    2. He died October 21st, 1931.  .
    3. The students often watch television night.    .

  4. Fill in the gaps with the right verb from the list.     1.5 point

    1. I never swimming in the winter.    
    2. My brother wants to aerobics.    
    3. We usually table tennis in our free time.    

  5. Put the words between brackets in the correct form .     6 points
    1. This garden is (green) the other one    
    2. The car is (comfortable) the donkey back.    
    3. What is (big) animal of the planet?         - The Blue whale
    4. Ali speaks French (good) his brothers.    
    5. My sister is (bad) basketball player in the team.    
    6. Jogging is (safe) fencing.    

  6. Fill in the blanks with the right answer.     1 point

    Ali: Ahmed, is this your pen?Ahmed: No, it is not .   
    Ali: Is it Mourad's?Ahmed: No, it is not , either.   
    Ali: Whose is it then? Ahmed: I guess it is the teacher's.

  7. Complete these sentences appropriately.     2 points

    1. I can
    2. I can't