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My Riddle

      Baggy is a very nice and joyful person. He is a fat man with a large red nose, big feet, funny clothes and occasionally a flower that shoots water. We can see him at the circus. He tells jokes, throws colourful pies, does tricks, and makes animals with balloons. People laugh because his acts are very amusing. He sometimes does stupid things and people think they are more intelligent than him. I enjoy his show because he makes me happy all the time and I even have a large poster of him in my bedroom. Certainly Baggy is children's best friend and I think all of them adore him very much.


             A. Choose the right answer:

    Baggy is an actor
    Baggy is a clown
    Baggy is a singer

             B. Answer these questions

    1. What is Baggy like?
    2. What does Baggy look like?
    3. Where does Baggy work?
    4. What does Baggy do in his job?

             C. Are these sentences True or False? Justify:

    1. Baggy makes people laugh.
    2. The writer loves Baggy.
    3. People are more intelligent than Baggy.

             D. What do the underlined words in the text refer to?

    1. "they" (line 5)  
    2. "him" (line 6)
    3. "them" (line 7)

             E. What are the opposites of these words in the text?

    1. slim   
    2. smart
    3. sad    
    4. worst

  2.   LANGUAGE  

             A. Put the verbs between brackets in their correct tense:

    1. My sister (be)   to the circus lately.
    2. My parents (invite)   Baggy for dinner tomorrow.
    3. My father (know)   Baggy for ten years.
    4. I (see)   a documentary about Baggy two weeks ago.

             B. Fill in the blanks with the appropriate word from the list:

    1. There is shampoo in the bottle.
    2. Leila and Huda are two intelligent girls. of them get good scores at Maths.
    3. The cage is empty. There are animals inside.

             C. What do these sentences express?
    opinionrequestlikespermissiondislike ability

    1. Can you close the window, please?
    2. Can I watch TV in my bedroom?
    3. Cats can see in the dark.
    4. I hate singing in the bathroom.
    5. To my mind, tea is better than coffee.

             D. What is the question to which the underlined words are the answer?

    1. I have met Baggy twice.  
    2. He will write the article next week
    3. No, I haven't seen the film yet.  

  3.   WRITING  
    • Write a paragraph describing your grandmother or your grandfather (or an old person)


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