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Reading Test

August 13th, 2005

Dear Vicky,

         After I spent a week in Erfoud as you already know, I left for the north. I arrived in Tangiers yesterday evening. The trip was long and tiring. I took the bus from Erfoud to Meknes, and then I set up for Tangiers the same day. I met several young Moroccan people on the train and I talked to one of them. His name is Ahmed; and he was kind and friendly. These people are really hospitable and peaceful, contrary to what the media constantly try to make us understand. He invited me to visit his region situated in the South west of Morocco. He is from S'mara, a small village in the Sahara. I promised to pay him a visit next year when I come back to spend my holidays in Morocco. This Muslim country of diverse customs and traditions is exciting. I am sure you'll enjoy its marvels if you decide to accompany me next year.

Take Care

    1. Find in the text words which mean the same as:
      1. many    
      2. varied    

    2. Are these sentences True or False? JUSTIFY.
      1. The text is taken from Peter's diary.     
      2. Peter went to Meknes by train.     
      3. Ahmed invited Peter to visit S'mara.     

    3. Answer these questions
      1. What was Peter's trip to Tangiers like?    
      2. Is Ahmed an old man? Explain.    

    4. What do these words refer to in the text
      1. "you" in line 1    
      2. "them" in line 4    
      3. "his" in line 7    
      4. "its" in line 11    

    1. What is the question?
      1. I am not feeling well..   
      2. They went to the restaurant to have lunch.   

    2. Fill in the blanks with the appropriate answers from the list

      The boys are going to Tinghir foot. They are leaving Tinejdad 6:00 a.m. They are going to stay there the weekend.

    3. Put the verbs between brackets in their correct forms
      Last week, Peter [not/have]    much money, so he [buy]    his mother a necklace from a bazaar in Erfoud. The necklace [be]    cheap.

    4. Choose the correct answer
      1. (Everything / Everybody / Everywhere) is expensive in Tangiers.
      2. Peter is (thirsty / lucky / sleepy) . He must go to bed.
      3. How (many / long / often) has Peter been in Erfoud?

    5. Match the numbers with the letters:
      1. The plane is the most comfortable means of travel. Why don't you take it?a. Invitation
      2. You are free now. Why don't we go to the café and have a cold drink?b. Advice.
      3. We are travelling tomorrow morning. Why don't we go to bed right now?c. Suggestion.
      1.   =>  
      2.   =>  
      3.   =>  

    6. WRITING

              Last week your friends and you went to a place (country, mountains, big city, farm etc) on a picnic. Write about your activities there.



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