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Common Core | January 2012

Reading Only

        Hello! My name is Fatima but call me Fati. I live with my grandmother, Rabha, in a large house. Her house is even larger than ours. I love staying with her for many reasons*. First she is a hardworking woman. She always wakes up early and after she prays she prepares breakfast for both of us. We usually have soup, tea and spicy bread for breakfast. Second, she is a very intelligent old lady. She likes watching documentaries on TV and she asks a lot of questions. She sometimes helps me do my homework. Finally my grandmother is a very nice person. She loves everyone in the village and everybody loves her. I adore my grandmother, too. She is the best friend of mine.
reasons* : أسباب



A. Are these sentences TRUE or FALSE? JUSTIFY [3 pts]
  1. Rabha gets up late.  
  2. Fati is a student.  
  3. Rabha is nasty.  

B. Answer these questions [3 pts]

  1. Who is Rabha?   
  2. Where does she live?   
  3. What does Fati have for breakfast?   

C. What do the underlined words in the text refer to? [2 pts]

  1. "she" (line 3)   
  2. "we" (line 3)   
  3. "her" (line 6)   
  4. "mine" (line 7)   

D. Find in the text the opposites of the following: [2 pts]

  1. hate   
  2. lazy   
  3. young   
  4. stupid