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Reading Test


      Our neighbour Mr. Sliman is the most respectful person in our Town. He was an army officer but he is retired* now. He has got two sons and six grandchildren. He is tall with small brown eyes and a long chin. Although he is old, he is still very active. He adores getting up early in the morning and jogging for an hour before breakfast. His favourite drink is milk and his favourite food is fresh fruit. In the afternoon, he enjoys playing chess with his friends but he hates losing. He never wears Jeans because he detests them. His favourite dress is the white Jallaba. Everybody respects Mr. Sliman because he is kind and helpful.
* retired = متقاعد


A. Are these sentences TRUE or FALSE? JUSTIFY.
  1. Mr. Sliman is the writer's grandfather.  
  2. Mr. Sliman's children are married.  
  3. Mr. Sliman hasn't got any friends.  

B. Answer these questions

  1. What is Mr. Sliman like?   
  2. What does he look like?   
  3. In your opinion why he is still active?   

C. What do the underlined words in the text refer to?

  1. "he" (line 2)   
  2. "them" (line 5)   

D. Pick out the opposites of these words from the text:

  1. short   
  2. late   
  3. before   
  4. winning   
E. Fill in the chart with information from the text

Mr. Sliman
likes dislikes


Write a paragraph Introducing yourself and talking about your ...

Good Luck


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