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Common Core

Test in English [1]

  1. Put in the negative.     2points

    1. My sister is a good cook.
    2. We play tennis
    3. She fixes cars.
    4. I know.

  2. Fill in the blanks with the missing word.     2points

    1. My sister is my grandmother's    

    2. My uncle's son is my brother's    

    3. My sister's is my brother-in-law.   

    4. I am Leila. I am my uncle's    

  3. Put the words between brackets in their correct form.     3points

    1. There are some  (potato) in the basket.
    2. Are there any  (University) in your town?
    3. She drinks three  (glass) of tea.

  4. Put the verbs between brackets in the correct form.     2points

  5. 1. The teacher  (be) in the classroom.
    2. Leila  (not / watch) television.
    3. Ann and I  (be) good friends.
    4. She  (try) the new jacket.

  6. Choose the right answer to Fill in the blanks     2points

    1. I think he is (a / an / Ø) Indian actor.    
    2. Shrek is (a / an / Ø) ogre.  .
    3. Your neighbours are (a / an / Ø) nice people.    .
    4. My cousin is (a / an / Ø) young athlete.  .

  7. Fill in the blanks with the appropriate words from the list.     2points

    What Where How Who

    1. is that man? - That's my uncle, Ben.
    2. is he? - He's a mechanic.
    3. does he work? - He works in a garage.
    4. many children has he got? - He has got five.

  8. Unscramble these words to make correct sentences.     2points

    1. Samiya - Radia - sisters - and - are

    2. My - my - in - hands - pockets - are

  9. Dissect to make correct sentences.     2points

    1. eighttimessixequalsfortyeight.

    2. heeatscouscous.

  10. What is the question?   (The underlined words are the answer. They must not appear in the questions)     3points

    1. My father's name is Ali.
    2. He is sixty-two.
    3. He lives in Fes.