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Common Core | December 2010

Reading Test

        Hi there! My aunt Betty is a special woman. She is fat but she is active. She was born in Paris but now she lives in Tokyo. She usually goes to work by bike. She looks nasty but she is tender and intelligent. Her students love her because she is always happy. Her daughter Diana is a beautiful smart 7-year-old girl. She speaks two languages and she is excellent at Maths. My father loves his sister and so does the whole family. My aunt loves to help other people. I think she is the most generous person I know.



A. Are these sentences TRUE or FALSE? JUSTIFY [2 pts]
  1. Betty is a teacher.  
  2. She is single.  
  3. Diana is Betty's mother.  
  4. All the family love Betty  

B. Answer these questions [3 pts]

  1. Where was Betty born?   
  2. What is she like?   
  3. Why do the students love Betty?   

C. What do the underlined words in the text refer to? [2 pts]

  1. "her" (line 3)   
  2. "she" (line 4)   
  3. "sister" (line 5)   
  4. " I " (line 6)   

D. Complete these sentences according to the text [1 pt]

  1. Betty has got   
  2. The writer is Betty's   

E. Find in the text the opposites of the following: [2 pts]

  1. sad   
  2. ugly   
  3. stupid   
  4. mean   


A. Put the verbs between brackets in the correct form [2 pts]
  1. Mrs. Baker (teach) English.
  2. Diana (study) Japanese at school.

B. Put the words between brackets in the correct form [2 pts]

  1. Diana is (pretty) Juliana.
  2. In her school, boys are (bad) at Maths than girls.
  3. They sell cars and (lorry) in that factory.
  4. There are only two (loaf) of bread on the table.

C. Fill in the blanks with the right word from the list [2 pts]
in - on - at

  1. Diana's birthday is November.
  2. We usually have dinner home.
  3. My mother celebrates her birthday February the thirteenth.
  4. The picture is page 25.

D. Fill in the blanks with the right word from the list [4pts]
we - our - us - ours

  1. This is your classroom. It is not
  2. How much do know about the Universe?
  3. We are pleased Diana wants to stay with
  4. This is classroom.


Write a paragraph about a special member of your family [10 POINTS]

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